Thirty Mile Zone

In A World Where Background Actors Make Entertainment News, The Thirty Mile Zone.

Hello Background Friends, that’s right we are creating our own media outlet.

Why? because analyzing the entertainment news will add a new dimension of understanding to our artificial intelligence technology making Extras Alerts exponentially more powerful.

For example: a casting director was booking a project “the old man” and since the casting notice did not include any specific gender or age parameters for actors, only old men were sent notifications.

Sure, eventually the AI will figure out the problem or we could manually code the solution, but there is a better way.

As a result of analyzing the entertainment news the AI will already know about future movies or shows with “problematic titles” long before casting starts, increasing over all system accuracy.

We need your help to train the AI for “entertainment news” and it’s easy, when you see the Thirty Mile Zone just click on interesting links and adding relevant comments would be great too.

Thanks Background Friends & We’ll See You In The Movies.